cookie policy uses cookies, according to the law we want to
provide information about what it is and how it works

A cookie is data stored in your browser. these cookies help to enhance your
web experience by giving you a more relevant user experience when you visit websites.

We use cookies to enhance you experience with our web store by shortening the time it takes for you to buy your preferred product. Some examples on how we do this are:
- Saving products in your wish list, shopping basket and the checkout.
You will also be presented for products that suites you based on algorithms, rather than just random products.

The cookies will store information about the following:
- IP adress
- Web browser
- Operating system
- broadband provider

- data over wich of our websites you have visited
- Dates and time of visit

Data which may identify users will never be stored

If you do not want to use cookies you can manually set you web browser not to allow it.
Use the help function on your web browser for instructions on how to do this.

Information from the cookies will never be given away or sold to a third party outside Ares Performance Wear AS.
Outsiders may only gain insight if it is necessary for our web store to accomplish certain tasks. by using the web page you agree to the use of cookies